Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kiddle: Kid-Friendly Visual Search Engine

There has been a lot of buzz about a new kid-friendly visual search engine called Kiddle. Take one look at the site and you may think it looks like another familiar search engine; however, it is NOT currently one of Google's products.

Search Results:

Kiddle searches are handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors or filtered by Google safe search. Most search results contain a thumbnail, to makes it easier to scan results and help students who need visual clues as they are searching.

Inappropriate query results are filtered and blocked by Kiddle's friendly robot.


Although this is a safe search engine, keep in mind that no search engine truly replaces adult supervision. This search engine does NOT block out all inappropriate pictures (neither does Google Safe Search). For example, if you look up Kim Kardashian, it brought up sex tape references. Kids can get very creative when searching for inappropriate things and search engines don't always block everything! 

If you or your students do stumble upon an inappropriate content, you can contact Kiddle to suggest keywords that should be blocked in the Keyword Blocking Request Form


Whether you are using Google, Kiddle, or another search engine, it is important to keep in mind that no search engine is completely safe. Kids will always need adult supervision while cruising the Internet because there are always new terms, loop holes, and human error that can lead to unexpected results. 

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