Sunday, September 25, 2016

Transform Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom with SeeSaw

Do you give your students options for showcasing their understanding? We know from brain research that the way we learn is as different as our DNA; therefore, providing options for demonstrating understanding is critical in the learning process. SeeSaw is a free digital portfolio too to give students the ability to express their knowledge in different ways through written text, drawings, images, video and web links.

What I Like

There are several things that I like about SeeSaw:

  • It is easy to use and makes it the perfect tool for elementary classrooms.
  • Students can annotate, record, and capture images directly in the App.
  • SeeSaw is available on multiple platforms, which makes it perfect for any school environment. 
  • Teachers have control over what is posted, including student and parent comments.
  • Teachers can give access to parents to see their child's work. Recently, my son's teacher gave me access to his SeeSaw account. I am able to hear him read stories and share what he is learning when he is learning!

How Can I Use It?

SeeSaw is easy to incorporate into any classroom, which gives you many different options. Here are a few ideas:

  • Blog - Have students share what they learned in class through a blog entry, video recording, or a picture. Once students have posted content, have classmates learn how to use comments to comment on their classmate's work. Encourage parents to participate too!
  • Solve Problems - Have students take a picture of math problems or grammar practice and solve using the annotation and video recording features. This provides you with the perfect way to understand their thinking. 
  •  Practice Reading - Have students use the video and audio recording features to practice reading their favorite book, poem, or something that they have written. This provides you with an excellent progress monitoring resource as well. 
  • Share Announcements - My son's teacher often shares what's going on in class through a 30 - 60 second video on SeeSaw. I love hearing about what is happening!  

There are so many other ways to use SeeSaw, but I highly recommend that you check it out! It can be the perfect tool in the elementary classroom for teachers, students, and even parents.

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