Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Until We Meet Again

Dear Learn Lead Grow readers!

I want to thank you for being an important part of my journey through education. I started Learn Lead Grow in 2010 after a colleague suggested that I write a blog. I had never heard of blogs before, but I thought that I would give it a try.

Over the past 8 years, I found that I had a passion for writing! I have written 640 articles and amassed over 500,000 views. It is incredible to think that I have had such an impact on you - my readers, colleagues, and friends. My blog has provided me with amazing relationships and opportunities, such as teaching at Harvard University for 2 summers and making hundreds of presentations across the country.

The past year has been extremely difficult for me both personally and professionally, which has affected my passion for writing about educational technology. I have decided that I will be taking time away from my blog to recharge my batteries.

Although this is not a permanent goodbye, it is goodbye for a little while.

Thank you so much for your love and support!


Matt Bergman

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