Bodimojo is an online community for teens, addressing issues regarding health, well-being, emotions, and life. It's created by teens and for teens.

  • The My Page section of the site is one of the most unique features of the site, because it gives students an opportunity to customize their information.We know that this generation loves customization more than any other generation.
  • This site provides teens with the opportunity to submit an article to be published on the site, providing aspiring writers with an outlet to express themselves.
  • The My Health Section offers helpful topics in Body Image, Drugs and Alcohol, Fitness, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Stress, Relationships, etc.
  • The Quiz and Tools / Games sections provide a great way for students to learn information in an interactive way.

How does this relate to UDL?

Motivation is an important tool in learning. How do our students become motivated? It often starts with engagement. Learners need to have the opportunity to be engaged in order to stay motivated. How often are engaged students a discipline problem? When students are engaged, they become excited and / or interested in the subject matter. An important tool to help foster engagement is self-regulation.

When students successfully self-regulate, they are able to monitor their emotions and reactions. They are also able to monitor their progress. Not only is self-regulation and important tool for each of our kids, it helps create a positive learning environment. Because every person differs in their abilities to regulate thoughts, emotions, and reactions, some teaching is needed.

BodiMojo's content could help our students gain helpful insight into current issues impacting teens all over the country. From peer pressure to have sex or do drugs to communicating successfully with parents, BodiMojo could be an excellent resource in many classrooms. Think about the possibilities to enhance the Health curriculum in your school. Think about its use in creating a persuasive essay in English class. Think about the use of the games in Science class.


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