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Use the Drop-Down Menu Option in Google Sheet to Create Self-Grading Rubric

Have you ever just wanted to create a Google Sheet with a dropdown menu of options? There are a variety of possibilities with this feature. Several years ago, I had the idea of having my students grade me at the end of the grading quarter. I put together a rubric for my students to complete. To make the process easier, I could have utilized a drop-down menu to quickly tally up points. Here's how it would work? Check out my quick video!

4 Tips for Using Backchannels in Class through Yo Teach!

Backchanneling can be a helpful tool in the classroom when used effectively. For instance, if you are having your students watch a video in class, a back channel might be a helpful platform to ask questions, post observations, etc.  Perhaps you have a blended classroom and want to use a backchannel as a forum to ask questions or engage in online discussion. Yo Teach! I recently came across a backchannel site called Yo Teach! With the demise of Today's Meet, I have been searching for a viable alternative. This free tool helps you easily create an online chat forum, as well as share with students via a link or QR code. It is easy to create and takes less than 5 minutes to set-up and share. Plus, there is no account that is needed! I like the fact that students can share their thoughts in multiple ways, such as through text, a drawing, or upload a picture. Providing students with multiple avenues for participating helps increase engagement in the lesson. Not all students learn

Using Google Docs to Create a Personalized Learning Profile

Getting to know your students is an important part of building a positive classroom environment, as well as setting the foundation for personalized learning. Whether you are using technology or not, it is important to understand who your students are, their learning preferences, and areas for growth. It may be helpful to develop a learning profile for your students. Learning Profile A few months ago, I worked with a school on personalized learning. The school wanted to develop personalized learning profiles for students, based on three different areas: Access - which resources provided the best options for representing content in different ways?  Engagement - what best-motivated students? How could we build a dynamic classroom ecosystem that provided voice and choice? Expression - which tools helped students best demonstrate their knowledge?  Conclusion We developed a Google Doc, which students were able to continually add to throughout the course of the year.