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The Key to Choice? Offer Flexibility in the Product or Process

Teachers often ask me, "How can I infuse autonomy and choice into learning?" It's a great question; the key is understanding the power of choice. Choice is a powerful tool in creating learner engagement; however, the type of choice matters greatly.  It's NOT the Choice, But the Type of Choice That Matters Katz and Assor (2006) stated that it's not the choice but the type of choice that matters. They argued there are three essential elements of choice:  Autonomy - Do students understand the relevance and meaning of the task? Competence - Are students appropriately challenged, and can they master the task? Connectedness - Do students feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment? We, as teachers, sometimes struggle with providing our students with choices. There have been times when I have felt guilty and had to give myself permission to give students choice. There have been other times when I was frustrated by the lack of flexibility I thought I had.  We Have a C