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Blackboard by Boogie Board: Liquid Crystal Paper

Technology is a wonderful tool to help students learn, but there are often when we need to hand-write or draw something to solidly its meaning. Writing on a tablet can feel awkward and unnatural. What if there was a way to use technology and write naturally? Blackboard by boogie board is an excellent solution to write naturally, erase like a pencil, and save your notes electronically.  I recently received a Blackboard and had to check it out. How does it Work? First, you will need to purchase a Blackboard by boogie board , which includes everything you need. Each board is accompanied by a pen with eraser and four writing templates. Whether you want to use lines, dotted grids, a planner, or a blank sheet of paper, there is a template for you. This inkless pen on paperless paper, which requires nothing to charge, plugin or turn on. Merely use Blackboard to plan, sketch, or draw. Blackboard allows you to write comfortably by hand, whether you are writing, editing, or erasing. The

When Math Happens!

Many students struggle with learning Math because it can be difficult to understand for some of our students. Some students struggle to make real-world connections to Math concepts.  Dan Meyer has created a highly engaging site called When Math Happens . The website contains a variety of real-life math problems, which Dan uses the power of technology and Math to solve. Problems are available for students in grade 3 through Calculus. Conclusion Each problem is aligned to the Common Core Standard and are based on real-life situations. The problems are structured with a real-life scenario, a video preview, guiding questions, and silent solution videos to help guide students to the answer.

Google Slides + PearDeck Add-On = Highly Engaging Presentations

As more classrooms become 1:1 and BYOD, there is a need for interactive and engaging tools to stimulate learning. One of my favorites is PearDeck , which is very similar to NearPod. PearDeck has recently added an Add-On, which converts your Google Slides presentations into interactive presentations. You can design a presentation that contains interactive components, such as warm-up questions, multiple choice questions, exit tickets, temperature checks, and reflection questions. You can choose the pace, whether teacher-paced or student-paced. How does it work?  First, you will want to create your Google Slide presentation. Visit the Add-Ons menu, visit Get Add-Ons, and install the PearDeck Add-On. You will want to make sure that you create a PearDeck account to use this tool. Then, visit the Add-Ons menu and use the PearDeck Add-On to add interactive components to your presentation. Finally, you will want to visit the Add-Ons menu and Present with PearDeck. Your presen

AudioPlayer for Slides

The Ed Tech Team recently launched the AudioPlayer for Slides Add-On. This Add-On allows you to embed any audio file (.WAV, MP3, MP4) into your Google Slides presentation. Not sure how to install?  Simply, go to the Add-Ons menu in Google Slides.  Choose Get Add-Ons and search for the AudioPlayer for Slides Add-On.  Once you have found the Add-On install and give it permission to access your Google account.  How does it work?  When you are ready to use this tool, visit the Add-Ons menu in Google Slides and choose AudioPlayer for Slides. Then you will need to select Open Files.  A side menu will appear on your screen. After a few seconds, you will see any uploaded audio files in your Google Drive. Choose your file  Start playing your file and then choose present. What I Don't Like There are several things that I don't like about this tool. First, its current design is disappointing. It is designed to provide background music from yo

Even The Smallest Changes are Great! Insert Images in Google

Even the smallest changes are good changes! If you have worked in Google Docs or Slides lately, you may have noticed a new way to insert images into your documents and presentations. If you visit the Insert menu, you can select the exact type of image that you want to insert. You can quickly add any image by URL, uploading from your computer, searching your Google Drive or Photos, or doing a Google search. CLICKS FOR A CAUSE MONTH!  Ava was diagnosed with stage 4 Hepatoblastoma in March of 2016 at 9 months of age. Hepatoblastoma is a cancer so rare, that only 1 in 1.2 million kids are affected. Ava’s numbers have fluctuated over the past several months, but her family is hopeful that she will fully recover. Although Ava will face a lifetime of lasting effects from the chemo, she looks like a happy little 2 year old. Currently she is getting adjusted to wearing hearing aids, and they have already greatly improved her speech! Her family is looking forward to watching her lif

NEW Quizlet Learn Feature!

November is Clicks 4 a Cause Month! Check out how you can help Ava below!  I love to use Quizlet as a way for students to remember key vocabulary terms! Quizlet just launched a new feature called Quizlet Learn, which customizes the way that you learn. How does it work?  When you open a set of flashcards in Quizlet, you will have the option to select the Learn feature. The learn feature tests your knowledge by giving you a variety of question types to choose from. The better you do, the harder the questions and question types. After you choose "Learn," you can choose the Options feature to customize your study session (bottom-left corner of the Quizlet web version). You can select from a variety of question types to customize your experience. Finally, test yourself! As you progress through questions, Quizlet Learn keeps track of your performance! If you get a question wrong, it provides you with tools to correct your answer (see image below).