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You Can Get with This or Get with That: Infusing This or That Choice Boards in the Classroom

Offering choice is an excellent way of creating engagement in the classroom. Simply providing choice is not enough. According to Katz and Assor (2006), the types of choices we offer students are critical. I like to say, "it's not the choice, but the type of choice that matters."  Effective choice should offer (Katz & Assor, 2006): Autonomy - Do students have opportunities for choice, evaluation, and decision-making?  Competence - Do students have an appropriate amount balance of rigor, relevance, and mastery?  Connectedness - Do students feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment? Choice shouldn't be a free frawl because too much choice can be paralyzing. The key is offering structured-choice that provides opportunities for students to exercise autonomy, competence, and connectedness. Research suggests that our brains are wired to handle between 2 and 9 choices. In other words, 2 - 9 options are the "sweet spot."  This or That Choice Board One of my