Use Tiny Wow to Convert and Customize PDF's, Images, and Videos

Tiny Wow is a free website you can use to quickly convert and customize files, images, and videos into the formats you need. 

For instance, PDF's are a very common file type in education because they provide a convenient format that is accessible on multiple devices and screen readers. However, educators often find themselves frustrated trying to customize PDFs to their needs. 

Tiny Wow provides you with tools for quickly creating, editing, and manipulating PDF files to meet your students' needs!

Have you ever tried to share a JPEG image; however, it appears in HEIC format instead? You can use Tiny Wow to change the format of your picture! Videos can be converted as well!

How Does It Work? 

Tiny Wow is free and simple!

1. Upload your file to Tiny Wow and choose your format

2. Tiny Wow will convert your file into the correct format

3. Download your file! 

Two Google Docs Tricks for Providing Students with Templates and Graphic Organizers

If you are like me, you want to provide your students with the best tools, templates, and resources for completing assignments. I often attach these resources to Google Classroom; however, this can become very cumbersome if I have more than three links. 

One strategy I found helpful is embedding templates and graphic organizers into my instructions in Google Docs. Instead of having students make their own copies, I have used the following tricks to "force a copy" or show a "preview" of the template. Then students can choose to use or not use the templates without remembering to visit File > Make a Copy. 

How to Force a Copy or Create a Template Preview

How does it work? Check out my video

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