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TenMarks Math Summer Program

Summer is coming! Are you ready for cookouts, vacations, no school and enough time to forget all of those important math concepts we will be testing next year. Research shows students lose two to three months of grade level math equivalency over the summer. How do you help your students with retention over the summer? TenMarks Math Summer Program I recently wrote about TenMarks Math and its benefits; however, why not try out the FREE  TenMarks Math summer program ? It is a program designed to help students from grades 1 to Algebra 2 / Geometry. A personalized curriculum provides the scaffolds and supports to meet the individual needs. For example, if students get stuck on a problem, TenMarks provides embedded hints and video lessons to help them solve the problem. Last summer, 69% of students who participated (over 8 weeks and 1 hour per week) showed an average 11% increase in scores from grade level assessments conducted at the beginning of the TenMarks Summer Math Program. Wh

TenMarks Math is an Amazing Resource

If you are like me, you need a little extra help when it comes to solving math problems. Just the other day, my daughter had asked me for help with her homework and well....I have to admit that I turned to Googling for help. Many of us turn to Khan Academy, which is a good resource; however, another excellent resource could be TenMarks Math. This is a free resource provided by Amazon for teachers and students. The best part is that it can be accessed from the web or tablet. Teachers If you are a teacher, sign up for a free account and create your first class. TenMarks Math asks for the subject area or grade level that you teach. You choose the grade level of students in your classes, so that TenMarks can provide pre-made questions and curriculum. You choose the standards you would like to address and TenMarks Math does the rest! At this point, this tool is designed for students in grades 3 through Algebra 2/Geometry.  What do students get?  Students are provided with custom

Learning Geography Through Geospy

As our world becomes more global, geography is becoming an important skill for our students to master. How can we help our students become masters of location? Why not engage them differently with a game called Geospy ? You take the role of a special agent, working against the clock as you try to locate various parts of the globe. As you play, you are given three different tasks (or games) to complete: Continents Game Countries Game  States and Provinces Game When you are playing the game, you will be asked to locate a certain item. If you guessed wrong, Geospy will provide you with the right answer before asking your for another location. This game is a perfect tool for the elementary, middle, and even high school classroom.  Engage students differently with Geospy. 

Reality TV + YouTube + STEM = Operation Mathlete

Operation Mathlete (2015) The popularity of reality-based television shows has changed our culture. Why not use this approach to engage students in the math (and even STEM) classroom? Operation Mathlete is an interactive reality TV-style competition on YouTube, which features three middle school students, each struggling in math. Each short episode features students competing (against themselves and each other) in a series of fun and stimulating math challenges. Each student trains with a math expert and is given two weeks to master a concept.   This is the perfect math or STEM classroom resource. Why?  1) It is Realistic Math is often viewed as a challenging subject by many of our students. It is often difficult for them to admit that they are struggling because this is a sign of weakness; however, this series provides students with examples of other students who are struggling too.  Students may not have their own personal math guru, but this series helps open up