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The Four Must-Haves of Effective Choice Boards

Providing autonomy and choice is paramount to creating engagement in the classroom. Choice boards are one of the best tools for creating an engaging and student-centered classroom.  Why Provide Choice?  Research shows that providing students with choice increases engagement, leads to more profound and richer learning experiences, increases on-task behavior, has positive impacts on SEL, increases collaboration, and can even decrease negative stress-responses in the brain (Anderson, 2016; Denton, 2005; Willis, 2006).  What are Choice Boards?  A choice board is a graphic organizer containing choices for how or what students learn (flexibility in the product or process) and can be completed individually or in groups.  There are four essential "must-haves" of effective choice boards: Goal-Oriented Structured Choice Engagement Flexibility 1. Goal-Oriented   Effective choice boards are centered around a learning goal based on one or both of the following: Content - What do you want

Using Blendspace to Create Interactive Lessons

Students need options for perceiving and comprehending new information presented to them It is during this time when the brain is primed for using sensory information and different forms of media to make meaning.  Using tools that promote options for representing how content is delivered can be key to learning a new topic.  What is Blendspace? Blendspace is a free tool for creating an interactive lesson through a hub of digital content, resources, and more. Teachers can use this tool in minutes to create content, engage learners, and assess progress.  Blendspace can be used to add videos, images, text, websites, and even quizzes! It's easy to create and share with students. Plus, it provides teachers with tools to scaffold instruction to meet the needs of ALL students, which is essential for creating personalized and accessible learning.  How Does it Work?  Blendspace can be a great resource for customizing learning for students and providing them with helpful options for perceiv