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Old Game with a New Twist: Pictionary on an iPad?

I am always looking for ways to engage students through technology. I love using technology to combine an old concept with a new idea. Here is a twist on one of my favorite games while growing up, pictionary. Remember Pictionary?  If you remember the game pictionary, participants are broken into teams. Each team has a person who is tasked with drawing an assigned person, place, thing, or phrase. Each team has a certain amount of time to guess the answer. A New Twist on an Old Game Why not combine pictionary with an iPad to review important terminology or vocabulary? I love using screencasting Apps like Explain Everything , Educreations , and ScreenChomp  to play. Have students draw their terms in small groups, teams, or to the entire class through Apple TV.  Set your iPad's timer to limit how much time they spend drawing and guessing the terms. Conclusion:  There are many ways that this game could be used in class. For example, students can do this as a review before a

6 Ways to Learn Through Memes

How often do you see memes on social media? It seems like they are everywhere, especially with our recent election in the United States. Our students use them in dozens of ways. Why not use them in the classroom? How Can I Create a Meme?  It doesn't matter which device you have because tools like Google Drawings , Meme Generator,  or the Mematic App  are great for creating meme. This makes it perfect for any classroom. How Can I Use Memes?  1. Define Vocabulary Terms Although memes provide humor, they can also provide students with a great way of understanding a vocabulary term. Memes combine the power of picture, humor, and text to formulate understanding. 2.  Class Rules Do you often feel as if your students aren't paying attention to your beginning of the year speech? Do your students need reminders on class procedures? A meme might be a great way to capture their attention. I love the Teacher Memes website because it contains awesome examples of using mem

Differentiate with a Click: Google Classroom's New Feature

Google Classroom just unleashed a new feature to change the way that you give assignments. You can now create individual assignments with a few clicks. This feature is extremely helpful for differentiating instruction, assigning work to small groups, sharing announcements with specific groups, or facilitating small group discussion. The following post will address how it works. How does it work?  Step 1: Create Your Post When you are in Google Classroom, you can use the individual assignment feature for creating assignments, questions,  or announcements. Step 2: Click on All Students Once you create your assignment, announcement or question, you will see a box in the top-right corner of your screen called "All Students." Select this box and you will notice a listing of all of the students in your class. Step 3: Select Individual Students and Post Once you have selected the "All Students" button, you will see a listing of all of the students in your

8 Strategies to Give Better Student Feedback

How do you give students feedback? The type and how quickly we give feedback can make all of the difference. Here are eight ways of giving feedback that can be helpful: # 1 - Commenting Tools Although this is obvious, many of use forget to use the commenting features of Word, Google Docs, and Pages. This can be extremely helpful when grading online assignments. I also like using different color text and highlighting tools to point out specifics. # 2 - Enhance Your Comments Who says that comments just have to be in the form of text? It may be helpful to attach a helpful link to a tutorial, webpage, or a video clip to explain the concept further. There are tons of great video tutorials from Khan Academy and YouTube. # 3 - Screencasts Have you ever thought about giving students verbal and visual feedback through a screencast? It may be helpful to develop a quick 30 - 60 second screencast with feedback. Tools like Screencast-o-Matic allow you to create screencasts of your stud