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UDL Lesson Makeover: 1893 World's Fair Project

One of the most exciting aspects of my job is to help other educators find solutions to make learning accessible to all students. For instance, I once worked with a group of teachers, who had a really cool project, but it needed some accessible options. Teachers wanted students to understand how the 1893 World's Fair inspired Milton Hershey to solve problems and innovate the confectionery industry. Teachers wanted students to create an invention and analyze it to achieve this goal.  How could we design a lesson that was accessible and provide all students with an equal opportunity to be successful?   Planning My Lesson with a POP Planning with accessible lessons that address learner variability begins with a POP.  I use this acronym to: Predict  high probability barriers in the methods, materials, and assessments that I am using Overcome  barriers with accessible options for how content is represented, how knowledge is expressed, and how students engage in learning (aka  UDL Framew