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Free PDF to Excel Conversion Online

Every once and awhile, someone will ask me how to convert PDF documents to other types of documents. There are many out there that convert PDF's to Word Documents, but how about PDF's to Excel? Free PDF to Excel Conversion is a free online tool to do exactly that! Not only can it convert PDF's to Excel, but it also can convert to Word and PowerPoint. This is the perfect tool to convert invoices, reports, and financial documents. Here are some of its key features: It is safe! User privacy is always protected It is extremely fast! It follows a three-step accurate conversion process. There is no need to buy or install anything on your computer! There is no limit on file size and it converts scanned PDF's as well Click here to check out this awesome tool.

The New Goal Setting Feature on the Google Calendar App

If you are an Android or iPhone Google Calendar user, you may have noticed a new feature called Goals. This new feature will help you find time to work out, build a skill, spend time with friends and family, or spend some alone time. The best part is that the App does most of the work for you! How Does It Work? Instead of entering in a new event or task on your mobile device, choose the new Goal option. Then select the type of goal that you would like to set. Google Calendar currently will help you set goals to work out, build a skill, spend time with friends and family, schedule time for yourself, or help you organize your life. Once you choose the type of goal you would like to set, you will be prompted to enter in information. For example, if you were to schedule an exercise goal, the App would want to know the type of exercise, frequency, duration, and best time for you. Once you set the goal, it becomes apart of your Google Calendar schedule throughout the day. If

How to Create Form Limits with Form Ranger

Over the past few months, I have grown to love Google Forms and the Form Ranger Add-On to create forms with limits. I often use it for sign-ups, but it can be used to offer students choices. For example, perhaps you want to assign topics for students to present. Students can sign up on a first come first serve basis. Perhaps you want to differentiate an assignment. You could use Google Forms to limit the number of students choosing a particular task. How do you create a Google Form with limits? I have created 2 resources to help you.  Here is a brief video tutorial: Here is a how-to guide: 

Teaching Number Lines iOS App

I was sitting in a first grade classroom today and watched a cool lesson on teaching number lines. The teachers did a great job using manipulatives, word problems, and using the SmartBoard. Since we use iPads in the classroom, I thought I would check out an App that may be helpful. One of my favorite Apps is called Teaching Number Lines , which is an excellent tool for counting, ordering, adding, and subtracting. This App provides students with a unique way to interact and act out the concept of a number line. I love the fact that the App also encourages kids! We know from brain research that not every student learns the same way. Using this iPad App can provide students with visual and tactile ways of representing the concept of a number line. This can be an extremely helpful strategy to help all students learn the concept of number lines.