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LiveBinders Tip: Use LiveBinders as a Way to Enhance Assignments

Anytime that you give an assignment, you usually have 3 types of students:  The experts - who don't really need your help  Those who need pointed in the right direction from time to time  Those who need your every moment of help  How do you free yourself up to help the students who need the help, while giving students who don't need help, the freedom they need? A great way to do this is through LiveBinders. Check out my most recent AudioBoo posting about using LiveBinders as a way to enhance learning for all! It will give you tips for using the following ingredients: PDF's Voki Symbaloo Screencast-o-Matic listen to ‘Livebinders tip 2’ on Audioboo

Taking Podcasting and Social Media to a Whole New Level

There has been a tremendous amount of progress made in the world of social media over the past couple of months. In fact, I believe that we are in the midst of another social media shift. I came across a really unique free Social Media App from Apple called Audioboo . Do you want to see it in action? Check out this article as an Audioboo: listen to ‘Taking podcasting to a new level’ on Audioboo Audioboo is a podcast-like program that lets users share up to 3 minutes of their voice with the world. Share your opinions, interviews, or micro-podcast! Users can create their own account for free and upload their recordings, pictures, and geo-locations to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.  A few months ago, I had my students create a podcast, where they had to research and record a news story about a product recall for a program like NPR. This could have been a great tool for students to share their research with the world! In fact, one teacher I recently talked with t

Storage Ideas Made Easy for the iPad

iPads have made life so much easier for all of us, which makes it even more important to be able to access your files on the go. What options do you have for accessing PowerPoints, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and PDF files? Here are a few Apps that you might want to be aware of: Dropbox - this free App gives you 2 GB worth of free space when you sign up; however, you can increase your box size by inviting others to use the service. When you automatically save photos and videos, you can earn up to 3 GB. From personal experience, if you need to access files from Dropbox website, it is very easy to use. Box - this free App gives you 5 GB worth of free space to store all of your pictures and files. This App has a Microsoft feel because many of the icons look like the familiar icons of Windows.  Although very similar to Dropbox, it doesn't have the auto-upload feature for photos like the popular App. What Apps do you use for file storage? I'm curious.

Interactive Classroom Presentation Tools

In case you haven't heard, the old model of the classroom lecture is changing. Teachers are no longer required to broadcast information like a television station. In fact, more interaction is a great thing! How can you create more interactive presentations? Here are some ideas: Sign Up for I have several computers and iPads in my room and wanted a way to share a presentation with my students on their computer screens. Doing this used to mean purchasing expensive software that doesn't work half the time. Now there is a free alternative called , which allows you to make a live presentation, sharing slides and all, on any device in real time. The best part is that it is free. I tried it the other day and was amazed at how easy it was to use. I was able to upload my presentation in the form of  a Word Document, PDF, or PowerPoint and then presto! I could share a link via email or through a unique URL, which students accessed on my Edmodo page.

Special Guest Post by Ivy Delfin

I always love receiving requests for guest blog posts; however, I have never received one outside the United States. Don't you just love the power of technology? Here's a special guest post by a new friend of mine named Ivy Delfin.  Could speed reading and memory techniques to help your studies? The key success, according to many philosophers, business people, entrepreneurs and CEOs, is the ability to process a lot of information and retain what is important. The problem is, not all information is important to you, and to know what is, no matter how unexpected, you have to be able to go through it. In reality, no one else can do this for you. I know this sounds like an impossible task. Who can realistically read everything that might have some potential importance to them? Well, the answer is nobody, but you can definitely maximize your intake and refine your summary skills with some memory techniques from Gloo The Memory Company . You can refine your memory ski

Create Your Own App with Yapp

Wouldn't it be cool to create your own App for a special event? Sound crazy? You might not be a technologically-savvy person or you might be completely scared, but it's possible with Yapp . Yapp allows you to create an App for your event to share directions, time schedules, photos, etc. in just a few minutes. Users are using Yapp to create their own customized Apps for reunions, weddings, parties, book clubs, and fundraisers. Could we use it in education? Imagine creating an App for the next professional development day or back to school night? The potential is there! The best part is that you can customize it with the best backgrounds and your own personal pictures for free! You can view it on  your iPhone or Droid. Check out this cool video on Yapp.

Literacy and Vocabulary Tools Galore

Literacy and vocabulary tools are the theme for this post. Over the past week, I have had several people suggest some great tools that I would like to pass on to you. Let me know what you think! Ruzzle - a student of mine named Jazzmine introduced me to this "Boggle"-like word game, where you compete against friends and others to form words. When I asked her if she ever heard of Boggle, she replied "What's that?" I certainly felt my age after that one. What I like about the game is that you can use it on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone and it allows you to play in practice mode. I'm interested in knowing, how would you use this in your classroom?  Teach Your Monster to Read - this site out of the UK is a very interesting way of teaching your students how to read. The free site gives students the chance to navigate through 8 levels of game-like scenarios, to practice letter, reading, sound recognition, etc. My only concern is that this site originates outs