Create an Interactive Photo Word with Google Slides and Flip

I recently came across a fantastic Google Expert Eric Curts idea called a Photo Word. This is a way to use Google Slides to create a word with a photo inside to create word walls, flashcards, or graphics. 

Believe it or not, this is much easier than it sounds! In addition, you could make your Photo Word more interactive by linking it to a Flip video definition of the word. Either a QR Code or hyperlink! Check out my video below for more information

New Look at Old Tools: Google Earth's Project Feature

Lately, I have been revisiting old tools with a new perspective. My last installment looked at Google Earth's Voyager feature, an excellent resource for providing students with virtual field trips. Today, I want to look at Google Earth's Project feature, a fantastic tool for creating virtual field trips. 

The Project Feature

The Project feature is a free resource you or students can use to develop custom field trips depicting important historical locations or the settings of a non-fiction text. Everything saves on Google Drive, making sharing and collaborating easy. Students can place pinpoints in different locations, filling them with information through text, video, and images. 

How Do I Use It? 

Several years ago, a colleague and I collaborated on building a custom field trip depicting the life of Milton S. Hershey. The trip correlated with a book our students were reading called Chocolate By Hershey. As the students navigated the presentation, they completed a scavenger hunt. 

Although it was fun to create, it made me realize that an even better way of using it, would involve students creating their own Virtual Field trips. Want to see it in action? Check out my brief video tutorial below. 

New Look at Old Tools: Take a Voyage with Google Earth

As the school year ends, most educators are taking a well-deserved break and taking time to recharge.  It's a time to slow down, rest, and gather new ideas for next school year. The following series is devoted to revisiting familiar tools and creating new ideas!

Google Earth is a tool that many of us are familiar with; however, how often do we use some of its most basic features? Simply visit Google Earth and choose the captain's wheel icon to access. 

The Voyager feature is loaded with dozens of educational field trips and games aimed at sharing the world with students! Here are some great voyages to take your students on!

Changing Forests

Imagine you want to teach your students about the consequences of disappearing forests and global warming. The Changing Forests voyage uses time-elapsed imagery to showcase how deforestation ravages the planet. 

Triangular Structures

How often do students ask you, "When will I need this?" The Triangular Structures tour helps you answer that exact question as you dive into real-life examples of one of the most powerful geometric shapes! The tour includes the Eifel Tower, The Louvre, and more! As you explore, students will learn why triangles are used so often in architecture. 

This is School

This Google Earth voyage takes you inside classrooms from all around the world. From London to the Himalayas, you will see where students learn (and sometimes the challenges they face) and gain a cultural appreciation of how learning occurs across cultures. 


Google Earth is a powerful tool for virtually traveling the world and exposes students to different cultures and perspectives. How will you use Google Earth in your classroom? The possibilities are endless! 

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