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3 Tips to Make Navigation Easy in a Google Doc

Navigating through Google Docs can be easy or a challenge for students and adults alike. Here are three different ways to quickly navigate and access resources in a Google Doc. 1. Use Bookmarks You can bookmark different parts of your document to hyperlink to. A bookmark is simply a placeholder in a document. You can hyperlink to this placeholder in just a few steps. How does this work? First, create your Bookmark by highlight the text that you want to hyperlink to, choose the Insert Menu, and select Bookmark. A Bookmark icon will appear in the column of your Doc.  Next, think about where you will need to create a hyperlink, which will take you to this bookmark. Simply highlight your text, choose hyperlinks and click on "Bookmarks."  2. Create a Table of Contents You can create a Table of Contents in Google Docs to hyperlink to different parts of your document. You need to make sure that the text that you want to appear in your table of contents is i

Create Your Own Google Custom Search Engine!

Do you have your students search for information on the Internet? Many educators have their students filter through thousands of resources to find information, yet many students still cite Wikipedia as a primary source. Creating a Google Custom Search (GCS) engine may be a good strategy to scaffold the research process for students who struggle with finding information. A GCS creates your own Google search engine, searching through only the websites you provide. For instance, if you require students to search through CNN, Fox, and CNBC's website, your search engine will only search through these websites. No Wikipedia! How do you do this?  Simply visit Google Custom Search and sign in with your Google account. Next, click "Add" and begin adding the sites you would like in your search engine. Then, hit "Create" at the bottom of your page and give your search engine a name! Finally, get the code to embed on your class website or get the public URL

3 Easy Steps to Go to Section Upon Answer in Google Forms

There are many great features in Google Forms. Going to a page based on an answer is one of my favorites. This is the perfect way to differentiate assignments, review correct and incorrect answers, and more! How do you use this valuable feature? Let me show you how! Step 1: Create Your Form Visit Google Forms and create your first question. In order to go to a page based on an answer, I recommend creating a multiple choice question. Step 2: Create a New Section  In order to go to a "page based on answer," you will need to create a "section" to redirect your audience. In this example, I will create one section, which will be used to help my correct my audience and help them understand the correct answer to my question. How do you do this? Simply use the toolbar on the right-side of your screen and choose "Add Section" (icon with two rectangles). When you create this new section, you will probably want to name it something that you will

My Leadership Journey: A Simple Thought in a Complicated World

I am not a politician, nor do I enjoy politics; however, several recent events occurring in our country have saddened me. The actions in Charlottesville, Virginia last week are contrary to the vision of the many great leaders in our country. Unfortunately, the actions in Virginia revealed an undercurrent of tension that has existed in not only our country - but our world - for quite some time. It saddens me that we value or devalue human worth, based upon the superficial characteristics of gender, race, religion, culture, and sexual orientation - to say a few. We are all humans. We all have value. Perhaps, our nation, our world, and our leaders need to look at life through the eyes of our children. Although I have been a secondary teacher most of my career, I have recently been given the privilege of working at an elementary school. The children have taught me so much about leadership and what it means to be an effective leader. When I look through the eyes of our students, I see

3 New Google Classroom Features to Start the School Year

With the new school year starting, many teachers are eager to use Google Classroom. Here are 3 new features to start the school year. 1 - Single View of Student Work Students now have a page called "Your Work," which lists all assigned, missing, returned and graded work. This is a great tool to help students stay organized. How do students view this feature?  Open up a class in Google Classroom Click or tap on the "About" tab Click or tap on "Your Work" 2 - Display Your Class Code in Full Screen One of the first challenges with Google Classroom is getting students enrolled in your class. If you remember, they will need a class code to join (this is a one time thing!). Google Classroom now lets you display the code in fullscreen, which makes it much easier for students to see. This feature is only available for teachers!  How do you do this?  You will need to make sure that you are in the web-version of Google Classroom. 

My Leadership Journey: 3 Ways to Reject Rejection

As of August 2017, I have interviewed 40 different leaders. Most of the leaders that I have interviewed have experienced rejection. Many have experienced rejection so painful that it has brought back tears many years later. Unfortunately, leaders must experience rejection to grow and expand their abilities. Changing Our Views on Rejection In his book Rejection Proof , Jia Jiang discusses the idea that rejection is merely a human opinion. Rejection is painful and something that everyone experiences and can take many different shapes. Whether it is being passed up for an opportunity, not holding value in another's eyes, it can have lasting effects on our lives. Many people are unable to let go of their rejections, which severely limits their potential. What if we were to change our thoughts on rejection? What if we were to see rejection as an opportunity? It could change the way we live our lives. How we handle rejection makes all of the difference because it has a lasting effe