Learning Shouldn't Stop When You are Sick: Use FlipGrid for Sub Plans

Learning shouldn't have to stop when you are sick! Why not use FlipGrid to house your sub plans?

FlipGrid makes it easy for you to record video instructions, share resources, hyperlink to important resources and tools, emphasize key points, and increase student accountability. Learn how to do that, as well as some tools for making your plans accessible to students, your sub, other teachers, and parents!

Make FlipGrid Accessible for ALL with the Immersive Reader Feature

Accessibility begins with proactive design, which is designed for some, but beneficial for ALL! I love FlipGrid's immersive reader tool, which provides users with several amazing accessibility features!

1. Text-to-Speech Capabilities

The text-to-speech capabilities when reading instructions or discussion prompts. This is the perfect tool for struggling readers, ELL students, or students who like to "hear" instructions.

2. Change Font Features

FlipGrid provides you with the ability to increase change font, font size,  and the color of the font to make it easier to see for students with visual difficulties or need visual modifications.

3. Break Down Parts of Speech

Want to break things down by parts of speech? FlipGrid provides a color-coded tool to break down parts of speech by verb, noun, adjective, etc.

4. Line Focus

The line focus tool magnifies text one line at a time so that students can concentrate on the text. There is also a visual dictionary tool, which provides extra layers of scaffolds and supports for unfamiliar words. Plus there is the ability to translate the document into different languages.

Want to see it in action? Check out my video below:


FlipGrid's Whiteboard Feature!

I love FlipGrid's whiteboard feature, which has been out for a few months now. This makes it much easier for students to demonstrate their understanding in any classroom; however, it is extremely helpful in the math classroom. Want to see how it works? Check out my video below:

Increase Student Engagement During the Holidays with a 30 Second Book Talk Challenge

December is here and many of our students are already ready for another break! How can you use FlipGrid to inspire students to stay engaged during the holidays?

Here is an awesome idea that I have found from the Barrow Media Center blog. It's a 30-second book talk challenge! I absolutely love how this blog post took a basic idea of making a book talk and turning it into a competition!

30-seconds might not sound like a lot of time, but it is perfect for getting students to plan out their ideas and share key points in a succinct and efficient way. I created the following video, taking this amazing idea and adding a few customizations to work for my school. Check this out!

New to FlipGrid? Check out how to use FlipGrid in less than 5 minutes:

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