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GeoGuessr: Problem Solving, While Seeing the World

If you live along the East Coast of the United States, you know that we have been hit pretty hard with snow this winter. With all of those delays and school closings, how can we help our students stay sharp? GeoGuessr could be a great game and tool to help students develop higher level thinking and problem solving skills - especially on those shortened days. How does it work?  As soon as you play GeoGuessr, you are "dropped" into a random part of the world and you have to guess where you are at. Your only clues are from the landscape you see in the Street View feature of Google Maps. Use the tools on Google Maps to travel the landscape. When you think you know where you are, you can "make your guess" on the world map that appears on the bottom-right corner of your screen.  The closer you are, the more points you score!

Get Writing! 3 Tools to Help Students with Disabilities

The Common Core emphasizes the need to get students writing. This can be a difficult task for any student; however, what if your student has a physical impairment or learning disability? This can create a "barrier" in the learning process and make writing even more difficult. Let's look at some tools that could reduce barriers and provide students with a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach. UDL looks at reducing barriers by frontloading supports, so that ALL students can accomplish a learning goal or task. When a learning task is Universally Designed, the learning goal is not changed, but the means (or tools) of accomplishing it are flexible.  Here are three tools to help students with disabilities in the writing process: Tool # 1: Dragon Dictation (free iPad App)  Barrier : Student cannot physically type  Student has difficulty getting their thoughts to paper The  Dragon Dictation App  is a free application, which allows you to say it and Di

Write Well Makes Writing Easy for All Students

Writing can be a difficult process for any student because it involves a combination of communication and organizational skills. There are a variety of barriers that students experience when writing. Some struggle to organize their thoughts. Some do not understand the physical structure of a paragraph. Others have difficulty with getting their words on paper. With this in mind, a colleague of mine introduced me to Write Well. What is Write Well?  Write Well is a web-based application with interactive templates that help students organize their thoughts and ideas, while writing more effectively. When students are finished with a project, it can be exported to Microsoft Word, Google Drive, or as a PDF. How does it Work?  Step 1: Create an Account Go to to create a free account using your email address or Google login credentials, which is perfect for GAFE schools. Step 2: Create a Document There are a variety of different templates to choose from

3 Ways the NEW #ClassDojo App is All About What Matters Most

Class Dojo understands that relationships between teachers, students, and parents are one of the most important elements of a school. If you are not familiar with the website and App, it is a behavior management system and communication tool for teachers, parents, and students. It is available on iTunes and Google Play stores. All relationships begin with communication and Class Dojo is once again making it easier for teachers, parents, and students to remain on the same page with the following improvements: 1. Simplicity Class Dojo has simplified the process of logging in so teachers, students, and parents can now login using the same App! 2. Better Options for Students Students are now quickly able to get feedback and view reports. It's not about just communicating negative behaviors. The new version of the App emphasizes positive classroom behavior. Students can see their strengths, get recognized in class, and share their excitement with their parents! You can

Post-It Plus Combines Low Tech and High Tech

The Post-It Plus App has quickly become one of my favorite learning tools. If you are the type of person who arranges post-it notes all over a wall, this App is for you! It combines the low tech feature of writing post-it notes with the high tech feature of the iPad and iPhone. If you are not familiar with the IOS App, you can use your device to take pictures of up to 50 post-it notes. Your post-it note images are collected into groups.Once you have collected your post-it note images, you can rearranged them and position them on your device. Students could use this tool to  brainstorm ideas or organizing their thoughts. Teachers could use this to ask a parking lot question at the end of the day to be graded or analyzed later. There are many more features available like creating digital notes, working across devices, sharing your groups with others, collaborate, and share. This is an App with so many possibilities in the classroom. It is definitely worth checking out. Check out