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Cluster Chrome Extension: A More Efficient to Keep Your Browsing Organized

Are you one of those people who have dozens of tabs open all at the same time? If you are like me, you might need a way to keep yourself organized. Cluster is a window and tab manager, which will save you time and energy while browsing in Chrome. Here are three features that I like about this Chrome Extension: 1 - Window Manager - this is a helpful tool if you want to keep yourself organized by using multiple windows, such as commonly used websites for school. You can use the windows manager for different things. For example, you can create a window of commonly used websites like a grading system, attendance system, and Google. Y 2 - Save Window - let's say that you have a bunch of tabs open, which are related to your class. Choose the Save Window feature and you can save all open tabs on your screen. Use the Open Window feature to open up your saved tabs! 3 - Suspend or Unsuspend Tabs - Too many tabs open taking up too much memory? You can suspend tabs from loadi

ClassroomScreen: All-in-One Classroom Management Tools

Classroom management can be difficult in the digital age. There are so many tools and resources to keep your students on task, manage student behavior, and keep yourself organized. It can be frustrating to keep it all straight. What if there was a tool to keep everything organized and together? A colleague of mine (thanks Courtney!) shared an awesome resource called ClassroomScreen with me! This website provides you with a website dashboard of tools that can help you stay organized, increase engagement and provide noise control. Here's what it does: Random Name Generator - need a tool to randomly call on students? Click "Random Name Generator" and add student name. Then you are all set!  Sound Level - want an easy tool to provide noise control? The sound level feature is extremely helpful and easy to use. Just give the site permission to use your computer's microphone. QR Code - need a quick way to share resources with your students? Use th