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Do You Use Anchor Charts?

Anchor Charts are a helpful strategy that you can use to reinforce learning, independence, and problem-solving skills in the classroom. Have you ever used Anchor Charts? Check out my Wakelet below for more information and strategies.  What are the Benefits? There are many different benefits to Anchor Charts in any classroom.  First, Anchor Charts are used to increase student engagement. One helpful strategy is to develop a chart as an entire class because students will feel more a part of the learning process.  Secondly, Anchor Charts, when designed with variability in mind, provide options for representing content differently. For instance, it may be helpful to include graphics, colorful text, and examples to help students connect with the content.  Finally, Anchor Charts are an excellent self-regulation tool that can help reinforce classroom procedures and help students solve problems. For instance, students who have difficulty understanding a text can revisit an anchor chart contain

Create a Google Classroom Custom Header in Minutes with Google Slides

With the beginning of school upon us, you might want to create a custom Google Classroom header. If you upload a traditional picture, you might get this.  Instead, you might want to use Google Slides to design a slide that everyone can see. See my example below.  How do you do it?  1. Open up Google Slides 2. Visit File Menu > Page Setup > Custom > Pixels and make the dimensions 1600 x 400 3. Add your pictures and design your header! 4. Visit File Menu > Download > download your current slide as a JPG or PNG  5. Upload to Google Classroom Want to see a video on how to do this?  Check out my video below to see this in action!  --------------------------------------- Matt Bergman (2021) Check out Matt's Podcast