CommonLit: Free and Comprehensive Language Arts Literature Program

If you are looking for digital resources for language arts instruction, I highly recommend CommonLit. This free tool has an extensive library of digital texts organized by academic standards and Lexile levels. Each text provides students with options for customizing text, such as increasing the font size, translating, annotating, text-to-speech, and solving reading comprehension. 

How Does It Work? 

I created the following video tutorial (5 min) to show you how CommonLit works! 

TEACHFLIX: Crowdsourced Videos for Educators and by Educators

One of my favorite quotes about the power of media is from Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, who said, "the medium is the message." I identify with this quote because I find media a powerful tool for engaging students in the classroom and teachers during professional development. A great video has the potential to generate amazing discussion, increase engagement, and create memorable learning experiences. However, finding the  "right" video is sometimes tricky, right?

I have spent hours trying to find the "perfect" video to show students and adults; however, I recently found a great teaching resource called TEACHFLIX, which has a curated library of teaching videos and resources for students. You can browse by keyword, subject area, or grade level.

TEACHFLIX explains:

"It’s a collection of videos – sorted into categories – that you can use with your students in class. We’ve found our own favorites – and curated suggestions from classroom teachers. It’s not a perfect, all-encompassing collection. But we like it. And we keep adding new videos to it!" (TEACHFLIX, 2023)

I found TEACHFLIX incredibly useful for teachers at any grade level who want to incorporate video into their classroom. It's easy to use and there are a variety of curated videos, which can save time and effort!

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