Clips Makes Video Creation Easy for Anyone!

Clips is quickly becoming one of my favorite iOS Apps. If you are not familiar with this tool, it provides you with a quick and easy way to turn images and videos into movies. I like to think of it as a simpler version of iMovie, which makes it extremely easy to use in an elementary classroom.

I love the easy to use interface, which makes it extremely easy to add content. Users can add images or video from their camera or Camera Roll (library). There is also a feature called Posters, which allows you to add title slides to your movies. Just keep in mind that you have to use the red record button (red oval button at bottom of your screen) to "record" your clips. If you do not use this button, you cannot add your clips.

There are also additional helpful features too, like adding stickers, emojis, and music (from built-in soundtracks).

Want to learn how to use Clips? Check out my tutorial below:

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