New Edmodo Feature Could Change the Way You Teach!

Within the past couple of weeks, Edmodo has launched a new feature that will change the way that you teach. You now have the ability to give a timed online quizzes through the site. What options do you have?
  • Multiple Choice
  • True / False
  • Short Answer
  • Fill in the Blank
When you have students take the quiz, you can receive a statistical breakdown of student performance. We live in the age where data is being used from Art to Science class. Why not use the data to help all of your students learn more effectively and efficiently?

With this new feature, there are some limitations. From what I have seen, it doesn't look like you can edit a quiz after you have published it. This may cause an issue if you want to re-use quizzes that you have created in Edmodo. I was also not able to change the point values for each question. The automatic default was 1 point. However, you could manipulate the amount of time that students had to take the test.

How would I use it? Because the quiz feature is in its infancy, I would only have students answer 3 to 5 questions at time. This could be a very useful tool to check for understanding at the end of class or at the beginning of class to pre-assess what will be covered.

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