A Tool for Any Interactive Classroom: Triptico

I love getting new ideas from other educators because there is so much going on in the world of educational technology, that it is hard to keep up! Plus you all have the best ideas! This week's "App of the Week" and cool idea come to us from Angela Rutschke @ARutschke. Angela sent me a URL to a really cool desktop App called Triptico.

 There are two versions -a free and paid "plus" version. If you are a creative educator, then you will definitely want to download this App because it provides free templates of interactive resources for students. I tried out a few of the games and really enjoyed how easy they were to create and use.

You very easily could use this with an interactive whiteboard to engage students in different ways:
  • Manipulatives- There are plenty of free manipulatives to use for your classroom. For example, magnets allow you to create magnets made of words, sentences, or equations. Then Triptico breaks each part into a separate magnet for students to move. I even enjoyed using a matching game type of App.
  • Classroom Management Tools - there are a variety of classroom management tools like timers to keep track of time and keep your students on track! There is even a free template to keep score or choose groups.
  • Quizzes - want to give a quiz in a unique way? This App has plenty of free quiz templates to choose from. This is a perfect way for your kinestetic learners to feel at home!
Check out this video to learn more!

Try it out and let me know how you like it! If you have other cool ed-tech ideas, I'd love to hear about them! Email me or send me a tweet @mattbergman14.

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