Using QR Codes in Today's Kindergarten Classroom

I would like to begin the New Year with a guest blog post from one of my former graduate students. She recently completed my graduate course called Universal Design for Learning through Regional Training Center. Corinne Schappell is currently in her seventh year of teaching Kindergarten at Green Valley Elementary in the Wilson School District. 

Using QR Codes in Today's Kindergarten Classroom

By: Corinne Schappell

The Kindergarten classroom of today is not the same as it was even ten years ago. The need to be constantly stimulated by visual and hands on activities has maybe not increased but changed in its focus. We have become curriculum driven and are teaching things that were previous taught in first or even second grade. As a teacher, the need to be creative and innovative in order to truly reach and teach a classroom of learners has become a necessity.

I recently learned that there is an entire cart of iPads that are being underutilized in my building. I would like to use them in small groups of 2-3 students at a time to both expose them to another type of technology and to utilize apps to help them practice and learn new skills. A site called Teachers Pay Teachers has pre-created QR codes that the students would be able to scan and then read consonant-vowel-consonant words (CVC words). They can match up the word, QR code, and a picture of the word. I feel that this lesson is a great way to offer students a different way to practice their reading skills and problem solving abilities. Additionally, representing the activity through the use of the QR code instead of just the picture and word matching takes the “game” element to another level.

I look forward to continuing to explore additional ways of incorporating technology into my classroom, to engage my students. I am now consciously planning in ways to reach my all of my learners, including those in the margins.

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  1. Wow...It's really a funny class, this teaching method is quite good that students can learn new knowledge with this funny game. Do you have any other idea about how to use qr codes scanner effectively in class.


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