#1iPadClassroom: Use #Educreations to Turn Your iPad into an Interactive SmartBoard?

If you are strapped for cash and only have access to one iPad in your classroom, then this series is for you. Wouldn't it be nice to turn your iPad into a Smartboard? Here's a quick idea:

Ingredient # 1: Projecting Your iPad

How can you get your iPad to appear on your projector screen? You can do a few things:

1. You can get a 30-pin to HDMI to VGA adapter
2. Use Apple TV
3. Use the Reflector App to project from your laptop or Macbook

Ingredient # 2: Educreations

Educreations is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard App available on your iPad. You can choose from ten different pen colors, add text, add pictures, and record yourself teaching. Your videos can easily be shared via email, URL, or social media. How can you use it in your classroom? Here are some ideas:

English or Foreign Language Classroom?

Teaching sentence structure or parts of speech? Why not use Educreations to help students diagram sentences. You can easily prepare several pages of sample sentences in advance. Perhaps you type in your sentence using the text tools or you take a screenshot of a sentence. You can proceed using different colors of ink to diagram different parts of speech.

Pass around your iPad and have students explain their reasoning. Use the eraser tool to correct mistakes. Then share with students who may need to see it again or who were absent. Want to see it in action? Check this out:

What about the Math Classroom?

Why not diagram 2 + 2, algebraic equations, or complicated calculus. You can very easily have students solve each equation or you could do it yourself. I like the fact that Educreations gives you different colors of ink to choose from. This is very helpful if you wanted to color code each step (perfect way of providing students with Multiple Means of Representation). Want to see it in action? Check this out:

What about the Science Classroom?

Do you have a diagram you want students to remember? Do you have pictures from a lab experiment that you want to explain? You could very easily incorporate Educreations into any science classroom! Check this out:

Need some other ideas? Do you want to see other features? Check out more stuff that Educreations can do!

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