Awesome #EdmodoApps: Helping Students Write with No Red Ink

I am continuing with my series devoted to sharing cool Edmodo Apps that can transform your classroom. The Common Core emphasizes the need for students to develop strong writing and communication skills. While this is an important skill, many of our students struggle with grammar development. This barrier can cause our students to lack the communication skills necessary to achieve this goal.

Solution: No Red Ink

NoRedInk is a free website and Edmodo App for teachers to provide students with practice assignments and quizzes to help them develop grammar and writing skills. Go to the Edmodo Store to download and assign to specific classes.

How to Use It

When you launch No Red Ink, you can assign can create an assignment or quiz for students to take. Assignments are formative assessments, where students can learn from their mistakes and fix them immediately. Quizzes are summative assessments where students can fix mistakes at the end of the quiz.

You can create assignments or quizzes on capitalization, apostrophes, commonly misspelled words, colons, commas, and pronouns. The best part is that NoRedInk provides a question bank of pre-made questions, so there is very little that you have to do!

Why It Helps Students

This is the perfect tool to provide scaffolds and supports in place for struggling students, while they learn at their own pace. The best part is that NoRedInk teaches students as they go. If students make a mistake, they will learn why their answer was incorrect and how to correct their results. Students can track their progress throughout the assignment and see how they are doing. This avoids mindless practice and provides timely feedback, which is both effective and engaging.

Why It Helps Teachers

Addressing the Common Core is all of our jobs and is no longer isolated to Language Arts classrooms. This is the perfect tool to help all students in all classes. The best part, is that you don't have to be an expert. If you are a teacher who also struggles with grammar, this tool can help you help your students become better writers. NoRedInk gives you tools to track student progress and grades activities automatically!


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