GUEST POST: The Visual Edge: Graphic Organizers for Standards Based Learning, Common Core 6-12

Today we have a guest post from Sargy Letuchy, author of the book discussed below. Enjoy! 

Common Core Standards pose many challenges, including quantity, rigor, and a lack of precise resources.  The Visual Edge: Graphic Organizers for Standards Based Learning, Common Core 6-12 is designed based on the principle that visual learning is an effective, efficient way to tackle these challenges.  It is an e-book of digital instructional tools carefully crafted for each English, History, and Science-grades 6-12 standard.  Using The Visual Edge, teachers are able to ensure that a lesson, project, or assessment is precisely tailored to the standard(s) in order to maximize classroom time.  

They can visually model and have students perform the skills outlined for their grade level with each tool provided, as the graphic organizers maintain classroom attention on the particular standard(s) being taught.  Each page has three sections:  the standard(s) in full text, an explanation section that clarifies the standard and details how to use the digital instructional tool at the bottom of the page, and the majority of each page features the corresponding visual instructional tool representing that standard(s) (e.g., a graphic organizer or example guide).  The Visual Edge is now available in e-book on google, in paperback on Amazon and Barnes N Noble, or by contacting the author at    

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