Three Ways to Engage Parents with Google Photos

Can you believe that it is September already? It's the time of year for fresh starts, new school supplies, and exciting opportunities to try something new. Why not start the year off with a new tool to engage parents?

Google Photos: Much More Than a Backup Tool

If you are a Google Apps for Education School, then you know that Google Photos is the perfect place to store your classroom photos, but did you know that it also offers you several powerful creation tools? Here are three easy ways to engage parents (and students) with this powerful tool:

1. Create a Shared Photo Album

Parents love to see pictures of their children in action because it gives them a glimpse of what they are learning, how they interact with their peers, and how they engage with learning.

Many of us have mobile devices and tablets in our hands, so why not use them to capture everyday moments and store them in a shared album? Parents can view albums without needing a Google account because it can be shared via URL, Facebook, or Twitter.

2. Create a Collage

Want to spruce up your weekly news letter, create a unique gift, or showcase a particular activity? Google Photo's provides you with a Collage generator. To create your collage, simply select the pictures you would like to appear in your collage and Google will do the rest!

Elementary school parents love seeing their children grow through pictures. Why not take a beginning of the school, mid-year, and end of the year picture? Share the picture at the end of the year as an end of the year or Mother's Day gift?

3. Transform Back-to-School Night with a Movie

If you have an iOS and Android device, then you may want to use the Google Photos Movie Maker tool to make your movies come to life through animation and sound. Simply select the pictures that you would like to feature in your movie, select Movie, and Google will automatically animate and put your photos to music.

This is a great way to make Back-to-School night more interesting, send out a weekly email blast, or engage parents through social media!


Marking one's self is not a natural trait of many teachers; however, in this day an age, it is an essential quality to connect the classroom and home. If we look for opportunities to connect with parents and engage parents in the learning process through technology, I believe we are more likely to build stronger connections between the classroom and home!

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