Are You Still Playing "Not-It"? Why Not Chwazi?

I am always looking for unique classroom management tools that take a new spin on old practices. Having trouble deciding who will share their analysis of an article? Trying to decide who will present your group's findings to the class? Whatever the dilemma,  Chwazi  makes random group selection fun.

This iOS and Android App is known as the "finger chooser" and is very simple to use.  There are two different features

  •  Fingers  is a very helpful feature to randomly select one person. Choose the number of people that will be selected (from 1 to 4), place one of your fingers on the screen, and the randomly selected finger(s) will be highlighted on the screen. 

  • Groups is a helpful feature for creating random groups. Choose the number of groups and people within the group, everyone places their fingers on the screen, and random groups will appear highlighted in different colors the screen.


Chwazi can be an excellent tool for any classroom and any grade level, where small group work and collaboration takes place. It keeps everyone accountable and randomly selects students. Instead of playing "not it," why not try Chwazi? 


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