Drawing to Learn through Google AutoDraw

Brain research is crystal clear that the way students learn is highly variable; however, have we started to make adjustments in our instructional style to address variability?

Drawing is an important and under-appreciated aspect of learning. How often do we restrict the ways students respond? In our highly digital classrooms, it can be difficult to find easy-to-use and free tools to help students draw content. Google AutoDraw is a new web-based tool available on any device that pairs artificial intelligence and drawings created by you. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Open Google AutoDraw

Visit Google AutoDraw on the web on any device!

Step 2: Create

Use the drawing tools to draw, create shapes, or add text.  If you use the AutoDraw tool, Google will try to identify your object and provide you with suggested images that you can use instead.

Step 3: Download or Share

Google AutoDraw provides you with the option to download your image or share via a link or social media.


This tool provides you with so many possibilities in the classroom! Solve math problems, illustrate concepts, define vocabulary words, create timelines, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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