Trace My Shadow - Helpful Digital Citizenship Tool

I recently came across a great digital footprint tool called Trace My Shadow.  It is an excellent resource for helping students and teachers understand the types of information that you are leaving behind and the risks associated with it. 

How Does It Work? 

Visit the Trace My Shadow website and choose which devices you use on a regular basis. The site will then provide you with ways that your device and identity are traced by using that device.

You can check out information in the Traces You Accumulate section to see which devices are associated with certain traces and the type of information that you would collect. It will provide you with a total tally of traces and tips for staying safe! 

Talking about digital citizenship is an important part of teaching today; however, why do many of our students' eyes glaze over when we discuss it? Perhaps our students struggle with digital citizenship because we fill them with dated and irrelevant information. Perhaps they are tired of the scare tactics that are used to prevent them from taking inappropriate pictures or giving away personally identifiable information. 

Trace My Shadow is a great tool to make things relevant for students and adults. Not only does it provide you with valuable information, but it also provides you with tips for keeping yourself safe! 

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