Using Google Docs to Create a Personalized Learning Profile

Getting to know your students is an important part of building a positive classroom environment, as well as setting the foundation for personalized learning. Whether you are using technology or not, it is important to understand who your students are, their learning preferences, and areas for growth. It may be helpful to develop a learning profile for your students.

Learning Profile

A few months ago, I worked with a school on personalized learning. The school wanted to develop personalized learning profiles for students, based on three different areas:

  • Access - which resources provided the best options for representing content in different ways? 
  • Engagement - what best-motivated students? How could we build a dynamic classroom ecosystem that provided voice and choice?
  • Expression - which tools helped students best demonstrate their knowledge? 


We developed a Google Doc, which students were able to continually add to throughout the course of the year. The questions provided us with their preferences, a better understanding of their personality, and areas of growth. 

Want your very own copy? Click on this link.

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