Need a Free QR Code Generator WITHOUT Limits? Try QR Code Monkey

QR Codes are extremely helpful in any classroom with mobile devices, because they provide quick and efficient access to any type of website or URL. I recently found out that one of my favorite QR Code sites had imposed limitations on the number of times the QR Code was accessed.

This made it extremely difficult for a teacher of mine. They had large groups of students access a Google Form that was linked to this QR Code. I was able to find a nice alternative without limits called QRCode Monkey.

I like this tool because it is free, easy to use, and imposes no limitations on the number of times a QR Code can be accessed. Like most QR Code generators, you are also able to link to text (perfect for discussion questions), social media, email, YouTube, text messages, and even phone numbers.

This tool also provides you with ways to customize the color and design of your QR Codes in order to make it more attractive and accessible.


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