Google Slides to Create Visual Checklists!

Routines are important for all students; however, many of our students with IEP's need an extra layer of support. Visual schedules are a great tool to help students stay on track. Google Slides is a great tool for helping students in remote environments because:

  • Schedules can be shared easily via Google Classroom and customized to meet the needs of individual students
  • Visual cues help students stay on track, focused, and maintain a sense of accomplishment
  • Teachers can embed important links to resources, tools, and even GoNoodle video to take a break! 

Want your own copy? Here is a link.

Step 1: Create a Table in Google Slides

You may want to consider creating a small table of 4 - 6 tasks, based on the student's needs. You can easily do this by visiting the Insert Menu and choosing Table. For this example, I created a table in Google Slides with 6 tasks for students to complete. A simple 2 x 6 table will provide students with the options that they need.

Step 2: Add Content

You may want to consider adding numbers to the bottom of your table if students should complete tasks in order. It may also be helpful to add brief text descriptions and visuals for each task. Did you know that you can visit the Insert Menu and search the web right from Google Slides! All pictures are part of Creative Commons, which puts less stress on you! 

Step 3: Add Scaffolds and Supports

The beauty of using a web tool like Google Slides is that you can easily share links to websites, assignments, and resources from your presentation. My example includes a link to my Google Classroom, Google Meet, and a relaxing GoNoodle video for the break!

Also, keep in mind that you can share a link directly to an assignment in Google Classroom! This makes it more efficient for students to access assignments.

Bonus Tip: 

If you are sharing individual copies of your daily routine visual schedule with students, then you might want to consider adding something for students to mark that they are complete! You can easily add checkmark clip art to your presentation to give it more flair and allow students to have a sense of accomplishment.


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