Stop, Drop, and Roll Virtual Brain Break Template in Google Docs

There are tons of cool brain breaks out there! Whether you create your own or are using pre-made breaks on Teachers Pay Teachers or GoNoodle,  brain breaks are an effective strategy for getting students refocused and priming their brains for learning. 

Lately, I have seen quite a few brain breaks that use dice! In the spirit of hybrid and virtual learning, I was inspired to create my own interpretation in the following Google Doc! I call it Stop, Drop, and Roll Your Virtual Brain Break!  

Feel free to click here to access your own copy and customize it to your needs.

How Does It Work? 

Did you know that you can visit Google and type in "Roll Dice" to get virtual dice? This might be a great way to complete this activity or give students the opportunity to complete this activity independently. 

First, use Google's "Roll Dice" feature to "roll" the dice on what to complete in the first physical activity. 

Next, roll the dice again to determine your gratitude activity. Gratitude is an excellent strategy to change your mindset and focus on the positive things. 

Finally, roll the dice one last time to complete your mindful breathing activity, which is a helpful strategy for relaxing the body and priming the brain for learning. Students complete an activity based on whether they rolled an even or odd number. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this activity. It is going to work well with sixth graders this next week as they learn the protocols and procedures for virtual learning.

  2. Huge thank you for sharing! 3 wonderful ideas and I think the pupils will enjoy the virtual dice!


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