Choose Your Own! 3 Choice Board Templates to Use in Any Classroom

Are you interested in creating your own choice board, but don't know where to start or don't have the time? In my previous post, I had mentioned 4 ways to design effective choice boards; however, the following post provides you with three templates to get started on choice boards:

  • Center Tic Tac Toe Choice Board
  • The 4 Course Menu Choice Board
  • Gamified Choice Board

NOTE: Effective choice boards provide students with opportunities to be flexible in the process of learning or developing a product. How will you provide students with flexibility in the product or process? 

Board 1: Center Tic-Tac-Toe Board

Choice boards often take the form of tic tac toe boards. Although it is helpful to provide students with options, there may be times when you want all students to access  the same material, such as a required article, video, etc. 

The Center Tic-Tac-Toe board has students get started in the same place - the center square on the board. After they have completed the task, students can choose 2 other resources to complete a tic tac toe. 

I added numbers to help students navigate the board. All students are required to complete number 5. I also included a few emojis from Joy Pixels' Emoji Keyboard, which serve as a scaffold and way of capturing student attention. Click here to make your own copy

Board 2: The 4 Course Menu Choice Board

Menus provide students with an opportunity to engage, learn, create, and reflect! The following choice board template provides students with a structured choice board with the sections below. Click here to make your own copy. 

  • Appetizers - This is generally a section where students explore or engage with the topic to get their interest. For example, students may watch a video clip or play a game to "hook" their interest and reflect upon it. 

  • Soup and Salad - This is generally a section where students learn something that will prepare them for the main entree! For example, students may research an article, video, or website, which will help them understand and demonstrate their understanding. It may be helpful for students to reflect in this section as they prepare for the entree! 
  • Entree - This is generally a section where students create a product to demonstrate understanding. For example, students may create a presentation or product demonstrating their knowledge of the topic. 
  • Dessert - This is generally a section where students reflect on what they have learned. Provide students with different options to reflect through different mediums. 
  • Tip - This is generally a section containing a rubric showcasing expectations and how students will be graded. It may be helpful to have a checklist of expectations for complete the project and an opportunity for students to assess themselves prior to turning in the project. 

Click here to make your own copy

Board 3: Gamified Choice Board

My final choice board provides students with an opportunity to accrue a certain number of points to complete the task. The more the points, the more difficult the task! 

If you take this approach, it is important to make sure that students understand your expectations and how they will be assessed. It might be helpful to use a tool like Orange Slice to create a custom rubric.

Click here for your own copy! 


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