How Can I Use the Seesaw Blog Feature?

The Seesaw blog feature is a great way to provide students with an authentic audience on the web while keeping students safe! The blog feature can be public on the web and password protected. 

The blog feature is a great way to show exemplary work, share class news and events, and practice valuable digital citizenship skills like posting to online discussions and practice commenting on another classmate's work. 

The teacher is always in control! 

  • The blog can be password protected to add another layer of security
  • You have ultimate control over what is posted or not posted. If you need to, you can unpost something too!
  • Students can suggest something to "post" something to the blog; however, you have ultimate control on whether or not it is approved or not
  • All comments require your approval
  • You can turn the blog feature on / off

Want to see how it works? Check out my video below

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