Create an Interactive Small Group Discussion with Slides and Mote

Mote is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools because it provides teachers and students with a free way to record audio to enhance Google Slides presentation, comments in Google Docs, and so much more. 

I was recently exploring the Mote website and they provided several really good templates for classroom discussion. I decided to take a stab and make one that provides a few additional accessible elements!

  • A placeholder for the student's name and audio recording
  • The discussion question section provides a place for a text and audio version of the question. This is very important for students who need to see and hear text! 
  • A placeholder for any links that you may need to share with students
  • An opportunity for students to provide feedback (aka "like" a certain response) by dragging the thumb icon to the response they agree with the most

Remember! Students will need to have the Mote Chrome Extension installed in order to record their responses.  Click here for your own copy. 

How does this work? Check out my video below: 


Matt Bergman (2021)

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