Help Students with Self-Regulation and Manage Their Time with Time Timer

How often do you use a timer in the classroom, at home, or somewhere else? 

I use my timer all of the time to keep track of time and stay focused. For instance, I often set a time limit for myself to complete a certain task. For example, if I know that I cannot complete a project in one sitting, I might set a timer for 30 minutes. Setting the timer actually helps me work harder and stay focused!

In a similar way, timers are extremely useful for helping our students with self-regulation and managing their time. Setting timers help students stay engaged and focused! 

There are a lot of great free products out there that help with managing time; however, I recently came across Time Timer, which offers a free iOS, Android, and Apple Watch application. There is a paid Mac and Windows application too. 

Why do I like it? 

  • It's visual interface is easy to use and understand. It's visual nature makes it easy to understand how much time remains. 

  • Setting the timer can be done by touch or using controls, much like the timer on most phones. 
  • You can easily set, save, and reuse multiple alarms! For example, I love creating a 5 minute timer for email, 15 minute timer for reading, and a 30 minute timer for working on projects. I can save the timers and reuse anytime I need them! 

Unfortunately, there is currently not an option for Chromebook users. Hopefully the tool will develop something for students with Chromebooks! 

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