Use Jamboard to Create Sketch Notes

 Did you know that you could use Jamboard to create sketch notes? If you are not familiar with the term sketch notes, it refers to a visual way to take notes by including text, images, concept maps, etc. 

Sketch notes are a powerful strategy in helping students understand content, make connections, demonstrate understanding, and reflect on the learning.  In a virtual learning environment, Jamboard provides an excellent way for students to use a device to create notes because it contains a variety of flexible tools to express their knowledge. However, you can use a variety of other tools to do the same thing! The idea is to get students to share what they have learned! 

Jamboard also provides students with a way to collaborate with other classmates on a Sketch Note, share a view-only copy of their notes, or download a PDF or PNG copy of their notes. 

How do you get started? Students can create their own notes by visiting Jamboard or you could create and share a template of a Jamboard with students on Google Classroom! Check out my video for how to do this in the classroom! 

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