Sunday, October 2, 2016

More Than News! The New York Times Learning Network

Finding useful resources to engage students is one of the biggest challenges many educators face. The New York Times Learning Network could provide teachers with valuable lesson plan resources, student activities, relevant articles, stimulating current events, and much more!

Student Activities:

The New York Times Learning Network is filled with student resources, such as articles, writing prompts, multimedia, and contests. There are several different types of materials for students to use in the learning process, such as the Article of the Day and Teenagers in the News. The Writing Prompts section provides students with numerous options for starting the writing process, such as student opinions and picture prompts! One of the best ways to get students writing is to provide them with real-world audiences. The Contest section contains a calendar of opportunities for students to compete in writing contests and more!

Lesson Plans:

Need lesson plan ideas? The New York Times Learning Network combines the power of news / current events and lesson plans in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, ELL and the Arts, and Current Events. The NYT Learning Network designs lesson plans and provides ideas, activities, and resources to tie together current events with your subject area!

Why is Engagement Important? 

Engagement is not only the fuel necessary for learning to occur, but it is also one of the most sensitive elements in the learning process. Brain research is crystal clear in how educators can foster higher levels of engagement in their classrooms. First, we need to recruit student interest and find relevant topics, resources, and tools for learning. Secondly, we need to provide strategies, tools, and routines to help students sustain their effort and increase persistence. Finally, we need to help our students develop necessary self-regulation strategies such as developing coping strategies and reflecting on learning.

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