When Will I Ever Need Math?

I love the question, "When am I ever going to use this?" I have to admit, there have been times that I have thought the same thing! Just the other night, I came across a really unique website that addresses this same question: When am I going to use Math?

We Use Math is a site dedicated to answering this question. From careers to how to succeed once you are out of school, this site is filled with useful resources. I particularly like the Careers tab, which has a listing of careers, salary information, etc. - all which use Math. When does a lawyer use Math? Find out!

As a teacher, you may want to check out the weekly blog entries, which are very interesting. January 30th's entry talked about the history of Tangrams. The Did You Know? section connects Math and real life situations / news. This is a great way of connecting Math to the world around students, providing another way to engage students in the content.

There is even a resource section dedicated to helping teachers. From providing t-shirts to links to other sites, it is a great resource for teachers to enhance the learning experience for all students!

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