Virtual Flashcards with Quizlet

Teaching vocabulary and need some help motivating your students to study? Quizlet could be a good answer for you. It is a great site for creating your own flashcards, using the existing database of flashcards, using powerful study tools, and playing study games. Best of all, it's free!

It is very simple to create your own flashcards with your own vocabulary and definitions.  After you have created your cards, users can utilize the 4 different Flashcard Modes: 

  • Flashcard Mode helps you get used to the material
  • Speller Mode - great for auditory learners who have to type what they hear
  • Learn Mode is a great way to "quiz" yourself and keep track of correct / incorrect answers
  • Test Mode creates different types of tests, which you can customize

There are also 2 study games your students can use: 
  • Scatter, which is a matching game where answers are dragged and dropped, while you race against the clock
  • Space Race is a way for your students to beat the clock, while they quickly type in answers

Excited yet? Check out this video! 


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