The Best Ideas Come From Others!

I really enjoy working with other teachers at different grade levels, because they have the best ideas! For instance, this past weekend, I was teaching a graduate course in Reading, PA! (Shout out to my UDL class in Reading!) It was a great opportunity to learn from others, who like myself are in the trenches each day! Here are some of the great ideas that we came across this past weekend:

  • TimeMe (online stopwatch) - I really liked using a free online stopwatch download, but I may stop using it and switch to TimeMe. This online stopwatch allows you to customize your timer and make it work for your situation. Instead of an annoying bell that rings, you could have a computerized voice yell "Ta da" or  you could have a horn blow. I really like the feature, where you can have music playing while the timer is going and then it stops as soon as time is up! 
  • One of my students shared with me a site for Spanish teachers called Zambombazo, which gives you all sorts of activities that you can use to make Spanish relevant to your students! How does teaching Spanish and Hunger Games relate? You may want to check this out and see! 
  • I love the BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF site by the New York Zoos and Aquarium. This would be a great site to help elementary students with learning different parts of the body and learning different animal parts! You just have to see it! It's funny! 
  • Interactives Geometry 3D Shapes is a great way of looking at Geometry in the world around us! Check out this interactive site and how you can learn more about the shapes that encircle us each day! 

Thanks again to everyone!


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