Great Ideas Come From Others

This past weekend, I was privileged to teach a graduate course containing teachers from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and soon to be Virginia. I was really excited to have the chance to have learned some ideas from them! Here are some gems that I learned:

  • Have you ever needed to keep multiple words together in Wordle and they split apart once you create it? Simply placing a ~ in between each word keeps them together. For example, if I wanted to keep the phrase Universal Design for Learning together, I would write it as Universal~Design~For~Learning. 
  • A new idea for blogging! Why not put your essential questions, key questions, or whatever you call them...on a blog for students and parents to see each day? As an assessment, students could reply back to the post. 
  • Need a temporary email address for your students to create a username and password for another site? Mailinator and Tempinbox may be good alternatives. 
  • I love Ted Talks, but I never realized that there was an educational version called Ted-Ed or "Lessons Worth Sharing." This site has a lot of cool bells and whistles that you may want to see if you can use in your classroom. 
  • Do you want a free version of SMART Notebook? SMART allows you to download the second most recent version of the software for free. This may be a good alternative for cash-strapped districts, who want to use technology, but are concerned about how to pay for it. 

Do you have any gems or ideas worth sharing? Feel free to comment below! 



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