No Cell Phone? No Problem!

Cell phones are not allowed in school! We see it over and over and over and... Yes, our students are still using their cell phones in school whether we are looking at not. Kids wear their hooded sweatshirts to hide phones in their pockets. They hide their phones under their books, in their purses, and even their book bags. Some schools are even raising the white flag and saying that they are allowed. 

Leave it to our students to be creative and find a loophole! Many people worry about how our country will regain its status as one of the most powerful countries in the world. Well, maybe if our kids grow up to be as creative as they are when solving problems about using their....cell phones....maybe we'll be ok! 

The fact is that our students are still using their cell phones without using cell phones! They are texting via websites like:
Simply type in the phone number of your choice, leave your email address, and type a message.  What other sneaky technology tools are you seeing? 

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