Full Steam VocabAhead!

As we begin the school year over the next few weeks, many of our students are studying for their SAT's or maybe they have forgotten some of their vocabulary words over the summer. Imagine that! :)  How do we help these students remember or study for their SAT's?

Research has shown us that representing materials in multiple ways is an effective strategy to reinforce knowledge and learning. Research has also shown us that students need to have at least 6 meaningful interactions with vocabulary words to reinforce its use and meaning.

A great resource for you to use is VocabAhead. There are several unique features to this website. Although mostly geared to a secondary audience, there is a feature to create your own customized vocabulary list for your students (according to grade level).

Vocab ahead provides a short video explaining the definition of a word and an example explaining its use. You can pick individual vocabulary words to show to your students through a simple search or you can have your students head to the SAT/ACT study room, where they can watch vocab specific videos, test their knowledge with a quiz, or review vocabulary words in the form of flashcards. There is even a GRE list teachers preparing to go to graduate school!

There are extra features to help enhance the learning experience too! Teachers can even embed a widget to their website or blog. They can even receive a "word of the day" daily email.

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