Wiggio is a Great Collaboration and Study Tool

Education is shifting from a five day a week 8 am to 3 pm venture to a 24-7-365 enterprise. How do we give students options to learn beyond the school day? How can we give students opportunities to collaborate with study groups? How can we give students in our classrooms opportunities to learn through working in groups online?

Wiggio may be a great tool to accomplish all of these things. You can set up private study groups, where students can collaborate, review, and learn material. You can use Wiggio's calendar feature to create a group calendar. You can help groups of students manage tasks through the To-Do List feature. You can give your students the opportunity to have virtual meetings, where they can meet from home instead of the local coffee shop. There is a polling feature that allows you to quickly poll a group about options for tomorrow's class. Instead of sending 200 emails, you can use the Shared Files feature to share documents, PowerPoints, etc. Instead of sending a massive amount of text messages, Facebook messages, or making a large number of phone calls, you can use Wiggio's message feature.

This is a really unique tool that allows you to impact learners in many different ways, as well as giving your students tools to enhance the learning/studying process. It is very easy to use and very easy to set up. Check out how people are already using Wiggio here! 

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